I've been writing this blog in Traditional Chinese from the very beginning.

Today, I would like to write my preset feelings in English out of no reasons.

Sometimes I am powerless and feel upset without any obvious causes.


I have been doubting, this may happen by several coincidence in my life.

Some friends always share their sadness with me while I am pleased to hear their stories.

Sometimes I absorb those bad feelings and they accumulate until my negative emotion explodes.


Recently I am not satisfied with what I am.

Especially when I am looking at someone who is extremely successful at my age, I feel terrible that I am useless.

I understand, we have our own paths which are exclusively taylormade for us.  

We encounter various of scenarios or milestones in the time of our life.

I don’t expect I am a successful person but I do feel emptiness in which I have neither physical nor mental properties.


I wonder why the celebrities can be that brilliant at my age.

I wonder which part of me should be improved.

I worry I may not be as superior as everyone expected.

I confuse how I can be a better me.


My friends may think that I have positive thinking.

In fact, I cry alone at night.

I am not good at expressing my emotions when I am with my friends.

That’s why I am writing this on this website.

Hopefully my mind will get released one day, one day not far.



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